Ai Fabric

AI Fabric

AI Fabric is a product in the UiPath Enterprise Platform that enables the management of Machine Learning Models. It comes with several packages either made available by Ui-Path, Open-source, ML community or from UiPath partners. Although, RPA is a successful in automating rule based and repetitive tasks, it has limitations processing Unstructured data or making complex decisions . AI - Fabric pairs excellently well with UiPath RPA to unleash cognitive power of unlimited Intelligent Automation.

Conceptually, If RPA is the hands of a robot then AI is the brain to make decisions.

When to Use AI-Fabric?

If an automation process has highly uncertainty of outcome, high variability for rules and has to deal with most of unstructured data, AI-Fabric is a great candidate otherwise best to automate using UiPath RPA. Let's go through some of the key terminologies used in the AI-Fabric world.

Artificial Intelligence : The theory and development of computer systems that are able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence and decision making. In other words, Any systems which enables systems to mimic human intelligence.

Machine Learning: A sub-field of Artificial Intelligence that enables system to learn from data, previous experiences information to deduct and predict future information by using Algorithms that can learn to perform a specific task without being explicitly programmed.

 Deep Learning: An Area of Machine Learning concerned with artificial Neural Networks. These are series of algorithms that aim to recognize the relationships in a set of data through a process that mimics the biological neural networks

Natural Language Processing:

A branch of Artificial Intelligence that deals with analysing, understanding and generating human natural languages. NLP enables computers to hear speech, read text interpret the text/speech or measure the sentiment

Implementation of ML Packages

AI-Fabric is potentially applied but not limited to the below areas of automation.

  • Document Understanding
    • Invoice Extraction, Process Order extraction
  • Image Analysis
    • Image Moderation
  • Language Analysis
    • Text Classification
    • Language Prediction
    • Sentiment Analysis
  • Language Comprehension
    • Questions and Answers
    • Text Summarization
  • Translation
    • Translating service tickets from different locales
  • Tabular Data
    • Inventory Optimization
    • Loan default
    • Insurance underwriting and many more
RPA and AI are two different powerful technologies that has proved its automation potential in many areas of automation. However,UiPath AI Fabric transformsthese technologies exceptionally welltogether to a supercharged Intelligent Automation platform.

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