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Robotic Process Automation for Customer Onboarding

RPA may be used to automate repetitive processes that need human interaction in the front office and the back office. When a bank onboards a new business customer, the process is known as customer onboarding or client onboarding. It often entails acquiring crucial customer data and doing identification checks under know-your-customer (KYC) standards. Powering a digital, rapid, and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week client onboarding process is only one element that constitutes the start of a successful connection with your consumers. In the banking sector, Robotic Process Automation simplifies various repetitive, time-consuming processes, such as maintaining scanned documents (OCR, for example, for customer onboarding) and data extraction and reconciliation.


Our client, a multinational company with yearly sales growth of 30%, was looking to automate its current customer onboarding procedure without incurring substantial expenditures or causing a significant business interruption.


Working within the Salesforce Service Cloud and other onboarding-related apps is "our" robot. The automated procedure involves adding new consumers to the system. This signifies, among other things, that their trustworthiness has been verified. This makes it one of the essential onboarding processes.


To eventually achieve the best business effect and automate the broadest range of situations, we often changed the path of the tool developed during the work, both in the analysis and development phases. While the robot evaluated and entered data, staff could concentrate on more important activities like customer engagement. The Customer Onboarding Robot could accurately duplicate specific steps of the process using a modular approach. People with the most excellent expertise in performing duties that future robots would perform took part in in-depth talks about the best solutions for problems that arose at each step of implementation.


  • The robot saves 120 hours a month in labor costs.
  • The number of procedures demonstrates the advantage of using the robot. Previously, the automated procedure was assigned to eight humans. Now, these eight humans can support many other processes.

  • RPA’s advantage for Customer Onboarding

  • It doesn't call for any enhancements or adjustments to the IT infrastructure.
  • It has a lower price than most other linked banking programs and is software.
  • RPA bots are simple to modify. They can be installed or upgraded in a few days if necessary.
  • Even without human involvement, data processing during the night is possible, provided it is scheduled.
  • The robot may perform additional jobs after the procedure is complete.
  • It just takes a few hours to modify the workflow to operate with any document or system.

  • RPA streamlines your company's onboarding procedures by reducing human error. RPA is ideal if you want to substantially reduce operating expenses while enhancing quality control by harmonizing international best practices because it is very effective and time-saving.

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