“Robotic Process Automation Testing” is the new Software Testing with UiPath Test Suite!

Software Testing is recognized by RPA giant Uipath with their product UiPath Test Suite. Yes!- I had a chance to experiment UiPathTestSuite and very much impressed with the capability of the product. UiPath clearly understood the importance of testing and have addressed each and every aspects right from #ManualTesting to #Continuous Testing.

The RPA industry is growing rapidly through Hyper Automation phase with the integration of Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence, Process Mining and Data Analytics, Don't be carried away with the trending terminologies; UiPath Test Suite proves "No matter how fast technologies grow - Testing is always an essential service to ensure any smart robots or technologies works as the way they are expected". No doubt, It’s truly a great news for all software Testers, Automation developers, Business Leaders and RPA community mainly because of the unlimited benefits it can bring to Organisation.

In this article, I'll give an overview of the UiPath Test suite tools and see how it can be used to overcome Testing challenges.

What is UiPath Test Suite?
The UiPath Test Suite is a combination of tools that are tightly integrated together to handle all testing needs, it accepts integration of any ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) tools of your choice depends on your testing process. The high-level components as below:

  • UiPath Test Manager to manage testing process
  • UiPath Studio Pro to create automation tests
  • Test Management Hub to integrate with third party ALM tools
  • Orchestrator to run automation tests
  • Testing Robots to execute the test cases
What Testing can be performed with UiPath Test Suite?
  • Manual Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • RPA Testing
What Testing Phases this tool can be used?
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Continuous Testing (CI / CD)
What Automation Testing can be achieved?
  • User Interface (UI) Testing (Web/ Desktop / Citrix)
  • API Testing (SOAP / Rest / GraphQL)
  • Database Testing and many more
In Testing, we use combinations of tools and technologies to create Test Automation and experienced challenges includes synchronization, object recognition and handling recovery . It may involve Web Applications, Databases, Legacy Applications, SAP, Citrix, Excel files, PDFs. We use one specific tool for each component and failure in one of the them to integrate will make the entire Automation unreliable. It’s always a tedious testing task of integrating everything together right from Test Planning to Test Closure and UiPath works pretty well in tightly integrating all components together.

Having worked in #TestAutomation in several #Enterprise #DigitalTransformation projects, I have evidenced #Testing is never easy especially with the scalability requirements and the number of unexpected changes in Applications under test and frequent changes in Environments. So far Organisations are reactive to all these challenges and have experienced significant delays and high maintenance costs. With UiPath test suite, one can now proactively implement shift left testing approach even more effectively early in the Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC) to save significant amount of maintenance costs.


The transformation of Software Testing to Robotic Process Automation Testing has already begun and in near future many testers will be working together with robots more frequently to achieve their testing goal!!

To someone out there who wants to try UiPath Test Suite - Its comes along with UiPath Studio Pro in the latest community edition. Click on "Try UiPath Free" from https://www.uipath.com/ to download community edition and enable UiPath Studio Pro license.